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Saturday, February 21, 2009

My Great Beauty Secret (It's Free Too!)

Yes, I discovered the best beauty secret ever. I discovered this quite by accident when I was standing in front of the bathroom mirror, bemoaning the fact that my 41 year old skin is now getting wrinkles along with acne.

I already know that life isn't fair, I don't need it to show up on my face to remind me. (If I can't be cute that means I'll need to start developing a good personality so that I'll have at least one redeeming quality.)

So, here's what I discovered and it made me look so much better! (Are you ready?)

I took a big step backwards.

That's all, but I did look much better, fewer wrinkles, acne not as noticeable, just better. That's really how other people see you anyway, nobody stands as close to you as you are in the bathroom mirror. At least not me. I'm a big fan of "personal space".

So then I smiled. And I looked even better.

Until I noticed the deeper "smile lines" around my eyes.

Hmmmm, what is the solution here? Botox? Stop smiling indefinitely?

Nope, I did the only thing I could think of to do under the circumstances.

I took another REALLY big step back.

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Katie said...

HA! Holly, I LOVE this post! It made me laugh! I already have really bad smile lines around my mouth. Guess it's what happens when you smile:)

Bytheway, can I come over some time and have you teach me how to do glitter toes? They are so fun!