Perpetual Plan B

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Is This What I Really Look Like?

The other day I was taking pictures of Austin. He begged me, as he always does, to let him take some pictures of me.

“All right,” I said, “let’s see what you can do." So, for the first time, I let him run the camera, figuring I could just delete anything he took anyway. I didn’t really think I’d like anything he would take.

But then this photo came up. I kind of like it. It’s like my own personal version of soft-focus. (You can click on the photo to get the full effect.)

So I like the photo and I told him I’d put it on the blog, to make him happy. (He’s very into the blog since he saw the picture he drew in Primary on it.)

And so we were both happy. That is until I saw THIS picture he took of me. (I would ask you NOT to click on this one, but I know you're going to anyway. I know I would.)

What’s wrong with this one? Well, let me see. I just wrote a cocky post a few days ago about how I stay in shape and look, I HAVE A DOUBLE CHIN!! (In my own defense, the sweater is just hanging down, my stomach is not that big.)

Now I remember why I don’t usually let the kids take pictures of me. (Do you think he's too young to understand if I try to teach him about "flattering camera angles"? )


Katie said...

YAY!!! IT WORKED!! That is a cool picture, Austin may turn out to be an awesome photographer. I think I drive people nuts trying have them take pictures from a flattering angle. But I don't think you look like you have a double chin!

Holly said...

Click on the picture and it gets REALLY big.