Perpetual Plan B

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Austin's Strange Habit

Austin has a quirky habit. He loves colored pencils. Not necessarily to write with, he considers them his friends.

Every day that he goes to preschool, he can't leave until he has at least one colored pencil in his backpack. He also won't go to bed unless he has a colored pencil with him. Right now he sleeps on the floor, so sometimes he leaves the pencils on the floor and they get stepped on and broken. He takes it very personally if you break his favorite purple pencil. I know this from experience.

We have a huge assortment of colored pencils in the car too. He drags them to church, Grandma's house and anywhere else we go.

If we leave a certain one somewhere he remembers it and talks about it for days.

He's also starting to get picky about what colors he takes with him. Right now he's partial to brown, orange and blue. Some days he'll take any color but red.

Ironically we have an abundance of red pencils.

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