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Friday, February 20, 2009

Glitter Toes

The girls and I have great plans to do our own "glitter toes". At the salon it costs about $30. Since that's not in the budget now, or even when we do have some extra money kicking around, we decided to do our own.

Ally and I bought some glitter at the beauty supply store. It is only $1.00 for a little jar of the really fine glitter. I picked out a nice, conservative mauve color and she picked out silver. I kind of talked her out of the blue or green.

Last night after the kids had gone to bed I decided for some reason that I just had to go ahead and do my toes. (I started at about 10:15.)

I got out my clear polish and I couldn't get the lid open. I brought it to Hal and he couldn't get it open either. I finally gave up and went to see what other clear polish I had. The only thing I could come up with that was remotely clear was one that already had little blue glitter things floating around in it. Since I'm not good at being patient once I've made up my mind I'm going to do something, I decided to go ahead with what I had. (Out of the 8 or so polishes in my container, roughly half of them were either blue or green. I don't know why my girls always bring home the strange colors from birthday parties. I haven't decided if it's because that's what they pick, or that's what is left over after everyone else gets to pick.)

It was obvious that the blue glitter wasn't going to look good with the conservative mauve, so I went ahead with the silver. First you put on a coat of clear (in my case, blue glitter clear). While it's still wet, doing one or two toes at a time, sprinkle the glitter over the sticky polish. It's good if you can do this over a piece of paper to catch the excess. Then you can put it back in the jar when you're done. After all toes are coated with glitter, brush on another coat of polish and re-glitter your toes. Next put on more clear polish to seal it. You're supposed to put on two top coats, but I didn't want my toes to get too blue, so I only did one. We'll see how well it lasts.

Here is the final result. They are actually a lot more blue than what shows up in the photo. These are colors I would never pick on purpose, but it is kind of fun for a week or so.

(Note to self: Remember not to wear open toed shoes to church.)

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