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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Morgan's Quirky Habit

Morgan has a lot of "interesting" habits, but one in particular needs to be documented.

Morgan laughs when something is particularly sad or devastating.

One day when she was a little girl I went into her room and told her that someone had died. She got this smirk on her face and it kind of looked like she was going to cry but then, to my astonishment, she started to smile and then laugh. I was a little concerned with this, but decided to let it go.

Through the years I've noticed that this is just her way of reacting to bad news. I'm glad I discovered it while she was so young or I might have gotten after her if she were old enough to control herself. (Ok, so she is old enough to control herself now and she still does it but I know that's just how she deals with things.)

The reason I think this should be put on record is so that sometime in the future, when something devastating happens to someone she cares about and she laughs about it, she can pull out this post and say "See, this means I really do care about you."

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