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Friday, February 20, 2009

Great Day Yesterday

Yesterday was just what I needed. My friend, Kristi Forsberg, and I went to Layton. She had to pick up cookies for the Stake Dance on Saturday night, so we decided to make a whole day of it.

Now Kristi is my kind of girl. I just love her! She is so sweet and so nice and never has an unkind thing to say about anyone. She's the kind of person I want to be when I grow up. (Ok, so she's actually younger than me, I still want to be like her.) And, in the spirit of full disclosure here, I should mention that she is very cute. An all-around great girl.

On the way down to Layton, we had the great Facebook debate. Should we or shouldn't we keep doing it? Apparently they arrested a local stalker who was finding out where to go from the girl's status reports. (So from now on, it's probably a good idea to say where you've been, not where you're going. That's your helpful hint for the day.)

First we went to Taipan Imports. We each bought a few little things, but not too much since neither of us really needed anything. It was just fun to look around at everything that is available. I'm hoping to paint and kind of tweak the family room sometime in the next few months, so maybe then I'll actually need something. I was happy to see that birds look like they may be the big thing for this spring. I love bird decorations!

Next we headed off to Target. While there, I ran into some friends, the Cook family, and Travis told me that Target has finally purchased land in Cache Valley! Target and I go way back. When Hal and I lived in Texas we had a Target and I loved it. I had never heard of it before then.

Kristi and I were looking for some shoes I had seen online, but, sadly, they only had size 10 and above. (They were on clearance and the good stuff goes fast!) We did manage to spend a lot of money in the dollar section. I have Austin's Easter basket pretty much taken care of. I'll have to come up with a little more for each of the girls, but not much.

I also ended up buying a cute church outfit for Austin. It's a size too big so he may need to wait for next year to wear it. It has a little pinstriped vest that he wanted to sleep in last night.

My favorite purchase is a secret surprise that I bought for our family for St. Patrick's Day. We take our St. Patrick's Day very seriously here. Last year, as usual, we had the "green" dinner. I colored a 2 liter bottle of cream soda green, like green beer, and Morgan drank so much that she hasn't touched the stuff since then. Cream soda is the only carbonated beverage I like. I drink it about once every two years.

So, after Target we had lunch and then headed back home, hitting the Lofthouse cookie place first.

Great day, great company, what more could you ask for? (Oh, and the sun was shining too!)

There are only two things that I wish would have turned out differently. First, I forgot to tape Oprah while I was gone. I haven't watched Oprah more that 5 times since it started up again in September, but the mean organizer guy, Peter Walsh, was going to be on and I like to watch him get after people (we could use a little more of that here). Second, I bought a package of leather cleaning wipes for our car seats and couch at Target. When I got home I couldn't find them in my bags, though it was on the receipt so I know I paid for them. On the way home we kept hearing something kind of rolling around in Kristi's car so when I couldn't find them in my bags we just assumed they were still in the car. I stopped by her house again after karate but we couldn't find them anywhere. I called Target today to see if I'd left them there but they didn't have any record of them being left at the store. Strange, but if you're going to lose something, it's nice to lose something that is only $4.00 and totally replaceable, don't you think? (See, I can be optimistic too.)

We decided that we need to do this more often, so I am looking forward to May when we plan on doing it all again.

Don't you love having something fun to look forward to?

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