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Monday, February 23, 2009

Austin's Antics

Austin has a new annoying habit. Whenever he doesn't get his way, he bursts into tears and goes running out of the room, complete with the sound effect of "WAHHHHHHHHH".

It kind of reminds me of a hormonal teenage girl. The first time or two it was funny but it is getting old. When you try to talk to him about it later, he always says "Well you (or whoever else upset him) hurt my feelings."

This happens a lot at mealtimes. It's usually because he wants dessert first or more of something that's not healthy or I tell him he needs to eat a fruit or a vegetable before he eats anything else.

We did have a couple of funny incidents with Austin yesterday. While we were all eating dinner, he kept asking for a grilled cheese sandwich (which he eats practically every day for lunch).

I told him no and kept eating. He asked again, so I told him it wasn't on the menu.

All of a sudden he started giggling really hard and then pointed at me and said "Menu! Good one mom!"

Last night he was back to his old tricks and wouldn't go to bed and was just a little pill in general. He was in the bathroom and I was in Morgan's room, which is next to the bathroom and I whispered to Morgan, "I am so T-I-R-E-D of him acting like that."

Well, he must have bionic ears, because from the bathroom we heard, "Well I am P-O-Y-T-M-B of you too!"

He does actually know how to spell the word cookie because we've spelled it in front of him so many times.

There is one more thing that got me laughing last night. Hal must have told him he couldn't have something and to go to bed, so Austin, true to form, went bawling from the room.

I went to see what I could do and if I could just get him in bed. While I was trying to calm him down he got in the last word.

"Mom," he said, "Dad's not my secret boyfriend any more!"

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