Perpetual Plan B

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Another Exciting FHE

We have been having some funny Family Home Evening incidents lately. (And I should note here that FHE has been a lot more fun in general lately since we've actually been doing fun things instead of Hal just sitting and reading scriptures AT us. I'm glad we're over that phase.)

Last week we were talking about Moses. Hal was asking Ally if there was anything else about Moses that we hadn't talked about. I wanted to help her out, but I got a little confused. I started to spell out a word to help her. (Sometimes we start to spell out a word to give hints.)

I said "He was also G-A-....." (Proud of myself that I remembered that he was also thought to be the angel Gabriel.)

Hal and Morgan both gave me these looks of astonishment.

Then I realized my mistake and said "Oops, never mind, that was Noah."

Everyone was stunned. Hal looked really mad and Morgan and Ally were looking at me in shock. I wondered what the problem was. It finally dawned on me that "G-A-....." is also what we use to describe when someone is "G-A-Y".

Um, no. For the record, Moses was not "G-A-Y". (Or Noah, for that matter.) The correct answer was "slow of speech".

When they talk about me someday, do you think they will say I am "slow of brain"?