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Sunday, March 1, 2009


Since the last two posts are WAY too long, I'll just touch on a couple of highlights from today.

Ally did stay home from church. When Ally stays home, I usually come home during Sunday School to check up on her but today I couldn't. Before I left I told her to at least read some kind of a scripture story that we could talk about for Family Home Evening or on Sunday night or something.

The rest of us got to church and as I was getting Austin out of the car he grabbed the wrapper from a chocolate coin that (of course) had not been thrown away and was sitting on the floor of the car. During the Sacrament, I glanced over and he had poured his water into the gold foil and was drinking out of it. Most of the water must have leaked out of the other side because it spilled right in his lap, making it look like he had wet his pants. (It really looked like a lot more water than it was.) He freaked out and wanted me to soak it up with something.

For some reason, I was out of kleenex, so the only other absorbent thing in my church bag was a set of shoulder pads that I had pulled out of the sweater Ally wore to church a few weeks ago. With them in, she looked like a linebacker, but luckily the shoulder pads were detachable so I ripped them out of her sweater once we sat down and I had taken a good look at her and how she looked that day. I hadn't gotten around to getting rid of the shoulder pads yet, which was fortunate. Austin spent the rest of Sacrament Meeting with one shoulder pad firmly attached to the front of his pants and the other one attached to his behind. I kept trying to tell him they weren't very absorbent and weren't helping much but he felt better with them there.

The rest of church was uneventful, but on the way home a black cat ran right in front of my car. It was funny because I saw it sitting on the side of the road, turned away and looking like the last thing it was going to do was move. I said to Morgan, "Look, there's a black cat. I bet it will run right in front of me.", because Morgan knows I have the worst luck ever and, sure enough, it turned around and ran right in front of me. I'm glad I was going kind of slow. I bet it's REALLY bad luck to run over a black cat that crosses your path.

When we got home it was hard to open the door. It was blocked by a bunch of toys. Instead of reading a scripture story or resting, like she was supposed to be doing, Ally had set up an elaborate 3 hole miniature golf course in the living room and family room, using every block and lego we own.

Of course everything is going to have to stay out until tomorrow night now, because in our house, golfing is not exactly considered an appropriate Sunday activity. (Even mini-golf with blocks and legos.)

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