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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Random Rambling

Today I went to a wedding. It was for my sister-in-law Kim's sister Carly. I really love weddings but this one was a little different. I looked around and realized that I didn't know as many people as I usually do. In fact I hardly knew anyone very well at all. Luckily my little neighbor, Leah, showed up and we stuck together. It was fun to catch up with her.

I wore a dress that I bought at Sam's Club this morning. I was there to buy food, not clothes, but I just happened to run into the dress. (Sam's Club really is the place to buy clothes, though, isn't it? That's where I got my latest pair of jeans. Also, my mom bought me a grown-up trench coat there this year, for a really good price. London Fog. One thing though, why are all the knit shirts so short and boxy shaped? There was one set of t-shirts that had such a cute shape, cute colors too, but they had a big butterfly on them. I am so not into butterflies on my shirt. Rainbows either, or other warm, fuzzy type graphics. Just so you know.) I had already seen the dress on Lacey's blog because she had bought it for a wedding. It actually matched the wedding I was going to too. As I was putting it on for the wedding I started thinking, what if this is the SAME wedding as Lacey is going to? That wouldn't be cool, since she is the one that bought it first and blogged about it. Luckily it wasn't.

That reminded me of one time when I was a senior in high school. I went to the Junior Prom (which was our formal dance) and saw another girl with the same dress. Luckily, I was older than she was, so I dared go over and talk to her for a second. I wanted to make sure she knew it was fine with me. She was nice so we sat together for a minute. The yearbook photographer took a picture of us together. I kind of waved to the camera like "Yes, we are wearing the same dress." They ended up putting it in the yearbook on the Junior Prom page, but in black and white you don't really notice it's the same dress (unless you're observant). It's actually one of the better photos of me in that yearbook. It was kind of a bad hair year.

Anyway at the wedding, while I was sitting by myself, I was thinking if Kim needed a break, I could take her and we could sneak out for a minute. That reminded me of another time I sneaked out of something I was supposed to be at.

Every year, for quite a few years, Hal's family held a dance outside on their slab of cement that they used to use to play tennis on. I used to have fun dancing with Hal's dad and his Uncle Delbert (who passed away last year). Once in a while I could get Hal to dance with me but he was usually busy visiting with all his old neighbors and parents' friends, etc. It was also fun because if I really wanted to dance, I could go out and dance with my kids, nieces, nephews, etc.

One year, Hal was pretty busy and I wasn't really dancing and I was getting bored sitting on the sidelines. I was also getting hungry too. (At the dances we usually have cookies or cake, not real food.) Bored and hungry is not a good combination for me. It usually spells trouble. I was talking to my niece, Andrea, and somehow convinced her to go with me to get something to eat. We ended up at Wendy's getting a cheeseburger and frosty. It tasted so good! Anyway, I didn't think anyone would miss us, but apparently they did. And they were not amused. It was kind of fun though. (As the adult I had to take all the blame, which was only fair since it was my idea.)

That's about it for today.

(P.S. I asked the girls if there was anything else I should write and Morgan says to say, "Ally is awesome." and Ally says, "Morgan is flippin' sweet." Funny, they forgot to mention me.)

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