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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Continuation of the Mire (Yes, I'm Sorely Needing a Vacation!)

Okay, so immediately after my last post one of the children (still not naming names) "blew up" a hot dog in the microwave. Have you ever done that? Well, let me just spare you the agony and tell you that they explode into a million tiny pieces that affix themselves to every surface inside the microwave and then bake on, making them virtually impossible to just wipe off. For Family Home Evening we had a small lesson on how to clean the microwave. (Boil cup of water, let sit in microwave for a few minutes and WIPE OUT ALL THE CRUD!) We also had the little mini lesson of Loading the Dishwasher 101, AGAIN!

Monday while I was doing laundry, I found something disturbing as I was transferring the first load from the washer to the dryer. It was little waxy pieces of chocolate with nuts embedded in them. They looked suspiciously like the outside of a piece of Almond Roca, which also happened to be the Easter candy my kids were caught red-handed with. (I guess the toffee part dissolves.) I then shook out every piece of clothing individually, flinging chocolate and nut bits all over the place (which was also a pain to clean up), then I loaded the clothes into the washer again. After round two in the washer, I transferred it all to the dryer again. The chocolate smell from the dryer let me know pretty soon that I still hadn't gotten it all out. What a waste of a perfectly good piece (or possibly two) of candy. Not to mention my valuable time and resources!

On the bright side, I'm leaving tomorrow at 6:00 a.m. for the airport, yay! The bad news is that there's supposed to be another snow storm and icy commute. And I have a huge sinus headache and I'm feeling dizzy. (And I'm the designated driver the whole time - we don't drink, I'm just the name on the rental car.) Bummer. (Of course, Kim did want to try out an Oxygen Bar. Maybe that will help my head. I'm kind of scared though, more of looking stupid than anything else. But you know what they say, what happens in Vegas... Hey, do you tip at an Oxygen Bar? I need to know.)

Now I'm rambling.

I REALLY need a vacation!

Try not to miss me too much.

(I know my kids won't. They want their nice, happy mom back. I know she's out there somewhere. I just need to go and find her. I'm going to begin looking as soon as we get there. I'll start at a buffet that has nice, fresh shrimp and really good desserts. Oh, and maybe a nice inexpensive shoe store. Now we're talking.)

I wonder what my house is going to look like when I get home. (Maybe I'd better hit the Oxygen Bar twice.)

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the gathering place said...

Have a great vacation. You sound like you deserve it!