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Sunday, March 22, 2009

First Days of Spring 2009

Spring came into Cache Valley with some really nice weather. It was unseasonably warm.

Friday we decided to have a campfire in our back yard to celebrate. That's my idea of "roughing it". I'm not into camping, partly because of the lack of showers, but especially because it takes hours to pack up everything you might possibly need, food, utensils, bedding, etc. (clean clothes, optional) and go somewhere for one or two nights, realize which things you forgot that you really needed, try to sleep on the hard ground because in the confusion, you forgot the mattress pad thing and then go home tired and grumpy in a day or two, only to now have to unpack almost everything you own. Not my idea of fun. So, we like to have campfires in the comfort of our own back yard.

Anyway, this was a fine campfire, complete with hot dogs and marshmallows. Morgan wasn't there because she went with her friend, Angela Rigby, to the Mr. MC contest, which is kind of like a beauty pageant for freshman boys.

The rest of us sat, ate our hot dogs and enjoyed ourselves until I looked over and saw Alley (the cat) running in circles around the yard chasing something. On closer examination, I realized it was a big, fat mouse. I've never seen such a big one. It was enough to make one lose one's appetite for hot dogs, which was not that great to begin with.

We all ended up running over to the cat, who had now released the mouse, much to my dismay. Hal cornered it under the slide of Austin's castle but we couldn't get the cat to go under and finish off the task. (She is scared of Hal and doesn't like to go near him too much.) The kids, of course, were totally on the mouse's side.

So, that pretty much broke up our little party. We didn't even get to the marshmallows.

Morgan called a little later for me to pick them up at the school. I was heading out the door when Austin called out from the bathroom that he wanted to go too. I called Morgan back and told her it would be a few minutes before I got there.

Once Austin finished we headed over to Mountain Crest. I was so surprised that I could only see about two cars there. I realized that I must really be late in picking them up. It didn't seem like Austin was in the bathroom THAT long. So, I sat in front of the school in the car for a while, probably about ten minutes. I then got a little annoyed that they weren't watching for me. I drove over to the pool side of Mountain Crest because there were more cars over there. I realized that maybe the program was in the new gym.

It didn't really look too promising over there either. I drove back over to the main part of the building. There were some gnarly looking skater dudes outside, honing their skills. I finally decided I'd have to go in and find the girls. As I walked to the building, I made eye contact with one of the boys there. He looked harmless enough so I asked him if he knew anything about the Mr. MC contest.

"It's over." he answered.

"I know that." I said, a little annoyed, "I'm just here to pick up my daughter. Do you know how long ago it ended? I can't find my daughter."

"Do you know where South Cache is?" he asked.

"Oh my gosh," I said, "I am such an idiot." and then I left after thanking him profusely, restraining myself from giving the peace out sign.

Austin and I headed immediately to South Cache. Morgan and Angela were sitting happily on a bench, making videos with my cell phone, which I didn't know you could do.

I apologized over and over and they were nice about it. I think Morgan was more worried I'd be mad about all the photos and videos they had made on my phone, so she was relieved that I wasn't mad and I was relieved that they weren't mad that I went to the wrong place.

I never used to do things like that, ever. It's very frustrating to me that I've started doing dumb little things and not paying full attention when I should. I used to pride myself on being on top of all the little important details. I hope this is not an example of things to come. Between you and me, I'm terrified that either Hal or I will end up with Alzheimer's disease. That would not be a fun one to deal with.

Saturday morning I helped Austin learn how to ride his new, bigger bike. One of the things I've had to learn with our new car is that it swings a lot wider than our Blazer when I'm backing out of the driveway. This was bad news for Austin's old bike. Luckily he had pretty much outgrown that one and the neighbor, Chandler Lund had given us his old one, which is almost the perfect size for Austin this year. Now we just need to get rid of those training wheels.

That afternoon we did some yard work and I learned how to prune an apple tree. Hal asked me to come out and help him with a ten minute job. I wonder if he realized how grossly he was misrepresenting the time it would take to prune the tree. Last summer I had shoulder surgery so I was pretty much worthless in the yard work department. Our trees and garden were pretty neglected so it will take some doing this year to make up for it. We finished up the one tree quite nicely. Unfortunately, from the pruning standpoint anyway, we have many more fruit trees to go.

After that, it was time to clean up and go into town. We saw our neighbor, Vickie Barnard, who had had a knee replacement. She seems to be doing well and looked good for someone who has been in the hospital for almost a week now.

When we got home from the hospital we all went for a bike ride until it got dark. Our first bike ride this year and nobody got a flat tire. That is definitely worth writing about. We actually have a spare bike now so if someone gets a flat we can just use the spare bike to go on our rides until we have time to fix it.

Church today was almost uneventful except for one small incident in Relief Society. I was sitting off to one side by myself. Before the meeting started, my friends motioned me over to sit with them. They said I looked lonely over there by myself. As I walked over to them a girl in the same row blocked my way and said "Stop!". I wondered if she had a problem with me personally. Actually, somehow the bottom of my skirt on one side had gotten attached to the top, so it was hiked all up and showing a little too much. Too much of what, I'm not really sure. I didn't dare look, I just yanked my skirt down to where it belonged. (And no, I had not just come from the bathroom.)

Luckily I was just in a room full of women so I didn't have to go home humiliated. I actually even had nylons on today. I'm just really trying not to wonder if it was like that when I walked down the hallway a few minutes earlier. All in all, in the grand scheme of my life it was a pretty minor incident.

So anyway, everything so far this spring has turned out fine, except for the mouse situation. As far as I know, he is still at large.

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