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Thursday, March 12, 2009

My Biggest Complaint with Sarah Palin

It's her hair.

Sometimes someone will say to me, "Oh, I like your hair when you wear it like Sarah Palin." Well, that kind of ticks me off because I've been doing this for years and now all of a sudden people think I'm trying to do my hair like hers. This is my lazy hairdo. It's what I do when there isn't time to do anything else. (Actually, it usually looks better than this. This is at the end of a LONG day yesterday. In fact, I just tried to PhotoShop some eyelashes onto my right eye, but I think I forgot to flatten the image, so I lost the effect. I really did have mascara on. Looks like I should have tried to PhotoShop some blush on too.) This hairdo actually kind of gives me a headache from the clip I have to use, so that's another problem with it.
I also wear glasses when I drive (so I don't run into anything important). This may very well be the only photo in existence of me wearing my glasses.
My kids are funny and had me try to be Sarah Palin for Halloween. I don't think anyone even tried to guess that I was supposed to be her. There must not be as much of a resemblance as they had hoped. For the record, I think Sarah Palin is a lot cuter than I am.
So, I'm now looking for a new lazy day hairstyle. If anyone has any suggestions, I'd be happy to listen to them.
As far as any other complaints with Sarah Palin and her politics or lack thereof . . . let's not get into it. It's too complicated and that will give me a whole different kind of headache.
(Ok, now I have to explain myself. I'm not a huge Sarah Palin fan but I'm not against her either. I like her well enough as a person. I was also fine with McCain picking a woman. I just think there may have been other women who were more qualified. Rats. I just talked politics on my blog. I was trying to avoid that.)

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