Perpetual Plan B

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Keeping Me Humble Part 2

When Lexi (now Ally) was about 3, she LOVED the song Butterfly Kisses by Bob Carlisle. She would listen to it over and over on the cd player and sometimes she would even get emotional and cry.

One day I was brushing her hair and she was listening to the song. I asked if she wanted to look like me when she turns 16, like the girl in the song.

She said, "Yes mom, I do want to look like you."

As I kept brushing her hair for the next minute or two, she gazed lovingly at me. I thought, "How nice. She really does love me and want to be like me when she grows up." (She usually wasn't this sweet.)

After a couple more minutes of her staring at me fondly, she finally said, "Mom, I decided I don't want to look like you. I really just want to look like Daddy when I grow up."

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