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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Keeping Me Humble Part 3

Today Austin had two birthday parties. They both happened to be at McDonalds. One ended about an hour before the other one started. Did I let him go to both? Of course I did. If he was going to get in his RDA of chicken nuggets somewhere, it might as well be at McDonalds.

On the way to the first party he said to me, "Ryan (the boy whose party it was) lives with his mom. His dad lives in Logan. Why?"

I said, "Oh, they must be divorced."

"What does divorced mean?"

"It means his parents aren't married any more and don't live together so he just lives with his mommy."

"I don't want you and dad to get divorced."

"Don't worry, we aren't planning on it."

"Good because I don't want to live with just you. That would be so boring."

In case you are keeping track, that's 3/3 of my children who like their dad better.

Should I be taking this personally? I'm starting to get a complex. I think my husband still likes me, but I almost don't dare ask him!

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Small House said...

In my View Profile, I have an email. I live in starts with B. If you live in N, it could be in the North end or the South end. If you live in M it's on the east side of the west side. So your kids will either go to M or S for High school. HEE HEE HEE

I'm sure I've ran into you before somewhere.
Have a great day.