Perpetual Plan B

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What Austin Has Learned So Far At School

Austin has been learning to spell words at school.

He came home the other day with this little drawing in the corner of his paper to prove it.

We are so proud. (I'm sure his teacher did NOT appreciate it though. I think she's supposed to be the person on the right.)

Also, the other night we came home from picking pumpkins and Austin was tired. I couldn't carry him in, so I woke him up and made him walk.

As he walked up the stairs he exclaimed, "I feel like H-E-double toothpicks!" Yes, he actually spelled it out.

(I can't lie, he really didn't learn that one at school. I will give the school credit though, he wasn't able to understand the bad words I would spell until recently. D-A-R-N I-T.)


Linda said...

My son Max wants to copy that picture that Austin drew and put it on a shirt. He was LOL. Thanks for sharing that one.

Katie said...

I have wondered what the saxon kindergarten worksheets look like!

He wrote a word!!! YAY!!!