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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Morgan's Amazing Talent

I was online searching, yet again, for some nice, uplifting, soothing music that the kids and I would like, that also isn't too sappy. It's a mighty tall order.

Since Ally's Linkin Park obsession started a year or so ago, I've felt the need to chill out a little more myself, in the music department. I was thinking Nickelback would be a nice compromise, but so far she hasn't gone for it. Or Daughtry or David Cook, though she did seem to enjoy him in the free concert we saw in New York last summer.

Anyway, on there was a free download for a Hilary Weeks song. I thought it was ok, but Morgan had a fit. She proclaimed it "too breathy", a term I understand because I, too, am not a fan of sugary sweet, breathy music. This one I didn't think was too bad, in fact I quite liked it, but Morgan was not impressed. She also said, "Anyone can sound like that."

Well, I know for a fact that I could never sound like that, not in a million years. So I told her to prove it.

And prove it she did.

I'll be darned if she didn't sound EXACTLY like the song. It sounded really beautiful.

Now I knew she was a good singer, all my kids are amazingly on pitch - a talent they did not acquire from me. In fact, Ally had fits when she was little and the bus would put on the air brake. She would cover her ears and cry. My neighbor said it was because she had perfect pitch, an idea that I laughed off, though in her little singing class when she was a preschooler they said her pitch was amazingly accurate. Morgan did well also in the class and the teachers were also amazed by how well Austin sang last year, especially since he was a boy.

Now that I think of it, I do have some somewhat famous cousins who have been in bands in the pacific northwest for years. Unfortunately, I don't love most of their music. Also, my most famous cousin, who was a founding member of the Screaming Trees and also played drums on a Nirvana boxed set and is now pretty much set for life, is only a step-cousin and therefore not blood related, so our talent didn't come from him.

Anyway, back to Morgan. I think we may have a future here somehow. I'm seeing standing in long lines for American Idol in our futures. I'm seeing duets with her sister at the County Fair talent show. I'm seeing, I'm seeing.......

.......a better nursing home when I get old.

(Don't all famous kids take good care of the parents who loved them and took care of them and nurtured their talents when they were young?)

Keep it up sweetie, together we could go far! (And you KNOW there is no sarcasm in there AT ALL.) Actually, you're pretty amazing in a lot of ways. Who needs American Idol when there's Oxford in your future? I'm not picky, I'll take either one. (I'm kind of a cool mom that way.)

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