Perpetual Plan B

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Morgan, David Archuleta and Me

Morgan and I have a fun little game we like to play. We like to hide this picture of David Archuleta in random places for the other one to find.

I usually like to hide it in places where she will find it in front of other people and be embarrassed, like her school folders or Young Women presidency binder. I'm still waiting for her to find it in the middle of a class or meeting so her friends will all find out about her secret crush. It is actually a full page article, which I have now three hole punched for convenience.

When it's my turn, I usually find it in places like the laundry room or my underwear drawer. I think he has been in my purse too.

Morgan thinks it's funny because half the time I'm too lazy to call him by his real name. I just call him "furry boy" because of his cool hair. (Doesn't he seem like a cute little furry animal?)

Anyway, Morgan had him last. She says it has been hidden for a while now, but I haven't found him yet.


Lacey said...

I like this game! Please do let us know if Furry Boy makes an appearance again. :)

zulaikha said...

woah.. this is so cool! :D
thanks for sharing this story! lol..

Katie said...

How funny! I agree, he just seems so cute, like a stuffed animal!