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Monday, January 26, 2009

A Random Story About Morgan

When Morgan was in first grade life was good. She was such a sweet, kind, little girl. She actually even cleaned her room once in a while. One day, in the spring, Morgan's room started to smell. I mean really stink. Bad. I searched and searched all over her room. I looked under her bed for old food or something. Nothing. Finally I looked in the cute, white wicker doll carriage that was holding all her cute little dolls and stuffed animals. Inside the doll carriage was an egg. A real egg. And it was oozing "stuff" from it. I quickly emptied out the carriage and took it outside, which was no small feat, because it was practically life-sized. I tried to dump the egg out on the side of our yard, just over the property line to the empty lot that stood next door. The egg had oozed onto the carriage and was stuck to it. I didn't dare pull it off because I didn't want to be too close to the smell that I knew would be coming out of that egg. I finally got mad enough and chucked the whole carriage upside down onto the vacant lot. From the smell, I knew I had been successful. I left everything where it was for probably a whole day. When I went back to get the carriage, I was mad because there was still egg gunk stuck all over the wicker. I just couldn't bring that carriage back into the house. It was ruined for me. I ended up giving it to my friend, Melinda, who was happy to have such a cute decoration for free.

When I asked Morgan what the deal was, she told me that she was trying to hatch a baby chick. Just like that. Like, duh, and why did you ruin it, mom?

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