Perpetual Plan B

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I Think You Might Have Had to be Here

There are two phrases that get a lot of use at our house. The first one is "I thought you said ____________." (which is generally followed by something more interesting than what was actually said) and "Did you and mom used to do that?", which is usually said during movies when people act goofy or wear dumb clothes or say really sappy or stupid things to each other. The "I thought you said" comment is usually made by me because somewhere along the line I have ended up with some kind of hearing loss.

Last night was no different. We had been watching The Great Race the last two nights, which prompted a lot of annoying questions from the kids about what Hal and I "used to do".

The one that did get us all laughing uproariously was during Family Home Evening. We had just talked about these two crazy phrases and how we could quit saying them so much. I then tried to defend myself because, as I said before, my ears are not so great, which is why I'm always saying what I thought was said. Then it was time to read some scriptures. I've just turned 41 and all of a sudden my eyes are not working so well. I need to get my brother-in-law Paul, who is an eye doctor, to check my eyes. It was kind of dark in the living room so I was really struggling to see. Finally I set down my scriptures and said "I feel like Helen Keller!" Hal and Morgan immediately burst into laughter because they "thought" I was going to say "I feel like he--!"

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