Perpetual Plan B

Monday, January 26, 2009

My Poor Self-Esteem

I'm sad. I've brought this upon myself today. I had written a blog post entitled "I'm Not as Dumb as I Look" where I was planning to post my first photo here. Well, apparently, I am MUCH dumber than I look because I couldn't quite get it to work. I need to start posting on my other computer because all the photos are already downloaded, ready and waiting for me to post. Please excuse me while I get some cookie dough out of the fridge to eat, to make myself feel better!

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Seenie said...

This is as accurate as I can remember it- you actually have a way better memory than I do- I remember the hearts on the underwear, the yellow bag, and the uncontrollable laughter- in fact I got a good chuckle out of it just now when I read your blog--GOOD TIMES (I could probably come up with quite a few more :))