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Monday, January 26, 2009

Funny High School Embarrassing Moment

Ok, I was reading a blog from a girl I knew in high school and she sounds just like me. An embarrassing story at least once a week. That's my kind of girl. So, Kimi, this one's for you:

The Underwear Incident:

When I was in 9th grade, my friend, Serena Collins and I discovered something we didn't even know existed: Boys from another school who were at least as cute, if not cuter, than boys who went to our school. That was the year we discovered the boys from Logan Jr. High.

One day, Serena and I were hanging out at the mall. This particular day, I needed underwear. Oh, not just any underwear, I needed to buy CUTE underwear from a store called Anita. (It seems like the little bag could have been yellow, but I have tried to block most of this experience from memory.) Now, back to my underwear. Among other pairs, I distinctly remember buying a white pair with little red hearts all over them, a purple pair with little black dots, a bright midnight blue pair, a pink pair......Well, anyway, you get the idea. (And this was back in the day when I used to try to wear pink, don't give me any attitude about it, for the record I never really did feel good wearing any kind of pink. The pink underwear was always the first to go.) I was feeling very grown up because this was the first time I had bought my own underwear, with my own money, hence picking out some very "exciting" pairs. Lots and lots of them. It probably cost me over twenty dollars, which was a lot of underwear back then.

So, back to my story, Serena and I were busy "cruising" around the mall. It was a Saturday, we were in front of Jennifer Geddes' family's clothing store. We knew the boys were behind us, so we were very self conscious about how we were walking. I'm trying to remember who exactly was there, though maybe I've blocked that part too, to save myself. There was probably Steve Mihas, Derek Matlock, maybe Byron Allen, Ty Eliason, Monty Christensen and/or Greg Watts, I'll have to check with Serena and see if she remembers.

Oh, the next thing that happened is something so dumb, I'm still a little fuzzy on HOW it happened. We were walking and all of a sudden, we heard laughter. Loud laughter, coming from those boys. I'm not sure why we finally turned around, maybe someone said something to us, but we did. And there we saw it. Underwear. Lots and lots of underwear. In a trail across the floor of the mall, just like a colorful trail of breadcrumbs. We were horrified! We ducked into the nearest store, which, as I said before, belonged to Jennifer Geddes. (I almost think Greg was working that day, but maybe it was Jennifer. Again, I'll have to verify with Serena.) We sat there, stunned for a second and then we did the only thing we could do under the circumstances. We giggled. We giggled uncontrollably for a while. And then it dawned on us. There was still underwear littering the floor of the mall. Colorful underwear that probably sent the wrong message to those boys. "I can't do it." I cried, "You go and get it." And so, being the best friend that she was, after a little arguing about why I should go get my own underwear, she went. She ran out there and snatched up that underwear and promptly threw it all at me in that store. Funny thing, I do remember briefly being worried that that store might think that I had shoplifted that underwear from their store since I was putting it in my bag in the store. I guess I could have produced my receipt if they gave me any trouble. The fact that this store sold mainly jeans didn't cross my mind. I just didn't want to be known as a shoplifter because I wasn't!

So, that's the story. If you ever hear Serena mention underwear and then laugh, you'll know what she's talking about. (And yes, I guess I must have been holding the bag from the side instead of the top. I finally figured that out years later. More proof that I need to pay attention to what I am doing!) Whew, that was a tough one, but necessary to record for posterity. :-)

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Kimi said...

Awesome, Holly! Classic! I look forward to reading more of your blog, but I'm not going to stay on the computer until 1 am like last night. Darn that Facebook! Facebook is the devil.