Perpetual Plan B

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Addendum by Morgan Fronk

As wonderful as Mom usually is, I most sincerely regret to say that she has made some serious mistakes in two of her posts--"My Brilliant Plan" and "For the Record".

I will first address the more grave of the two blunders: Mom took credit for my brilliant plan and made absolutely no mention of me in her post. She only knows about my brilliant plan because I had the courtesy to tell her where I had hidden the cookie dough so Ally wouldn't find it.

Because I'm not allowed to edit Mom's posts, just think of it as being from my point of view rather than Mom's.

Mistake Numero Dos: Mom, spelling champion extraordinaire, can't spell the simple name of Clawsure. It's spelled phonetically. Honestly, Mom. :)

Clawsure is Austin's tumbleweed buddy. His name is pronounced Claw-zhure and is originally French, but the spelling has been Americanized. Despite popular belief (Mom's and all those other poor, misguided souls who have read the previous post on Clawsure), his name is spelled Clawsure not "Kloger". That's like Kroger and it is degrading for a tumbleweed of Clawsure's stature to be comparable to a cooking brand.

That's all for now, but Mom says I'm to write about all of her flaws, so I'll probably be back a lot.

Fare thee well,
Morgan "the Magnificent" Fronk