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Monday, January 26, 2009

For the Record:

I am almost ready to blog about the traumatic medical mistake that happened to me in December. It is almost funny to me at this point. It's hilarious to anyone else who has heard it so far, especially my kids, who got to live the whole horrifying experience right along with me (minus the pain and humiliation, of course.) Maybe I'll wait until after Thursday when I hopefully will get a clean bill of health from the dr. who made the traumatic medical mistake. (Would I sound bitter if I said I was still waiting for an apology? :-) ) If you are curious and want to know what happened, just ask one of my kids. They love to tell the story.

On a more random note, my son has a new best friend. His name is Kloger. (This is pronounced Claw-jur.) We acquired Kloger on our trip to Sun Valley over UEA this last year. It should be noted that Kloger is a tumbleweed. Somehow Austin picked him up and held onto him the whole time, even retrieving him from outside the car when I dared to (unknowingly, I assure you) throw him out when we stopped to look at something. When we got home, Kloger was set aside in the garage and promptly forgotten as we unloaded the car. A few days later, I opened the garage door to take Austin somewhere and he screamed "KLOGER!!!!" I had forgotten all about the scrawny little piece of nature, but Austin apparently still had fond feelings. Kloger kicked around the house another week or so until I threw him out the back door onto the deck. Just yesterday, when the snow had finished melting, I'll be darned if we didn't look outside and there was the little guy. Today after preschool, I showed Austin out the window where Kloger was sitting up to his (whatever they call tumbleweed parts) in snow. Austin freaked out and insisted I bring the poor thing in. He (Kloger, not Austin) was frozen to the deck, so I had to lovingly dig him out. And so, now Austin has his little friend back. Right now they are happily eating lunch together. (I will however draw the line if Austin wants to sleep with Kloger, since half the time he ends up in bed with us. I do not relish the idea of being poked in the eye by a tumbleweed while I am sleeping, no matter how much of a part of the family he has become.) Oh yes, if anyone knows how to spell Kloger correctly, let me know.

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