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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Austin's Harry Potter Birthday Party

Here is part two of Austin's birthday - the party. Of course it was a Harry Potter birthday party. I'm glad the girls are old enough to help me get ready for it.

First things first, the cupcakes. I don't know if they look very magical or not, but they still tasted pretty good, even if I do say so myself.
Now, on to the sorting hat to see which house you will end up in.

On the table, on the left hand side of the photo, is the "goblet of fire", which actually did light up, though you probably can't see it here. It held the magic wands.
Here come the cousins! The older, more devious ones ended up in Slytherin.
First we played "Pin the Glasses on Harry". Morgan graciously made the game for us.

The game stayed on our house for about a week (well, maybe longer), because we forgot to take it down.
Next we did a craft project with the little craft noodles that are biodegradable. They are the best! (Sorry, no photos.)
Next was my personal favorite: Potions Class!

I would suggest only having about 4 different choices to mix. Six was way too many. We mixed potions with all the neighbor kids for days. I finally ended up pouring a lot of the Kool-Aid down the sink. Don't tell my kids!
Of course, our little Harry had a few gifts to open. Ironically, most of them were of the Spiderman variety, his other current obsession.

Grandma did come through with his very own copy of the first Harry Potter book and some Harry Potter glasses that looked even better once we bent them into the right shape.

Whew! This party ranks pretty high on the preparation scale, but I think they all had a pretty good time.
We sent the kids home with little magic sets. (The ones we had left over for the cousins who couldn't come at the last minute also magically disappeared. My money would be on Slytherin.)

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The Gathering Place said...

How fun. I loved the "sorting hat". Good memories for your children.