Perpetual Plan B

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Foods I Don't Enjoy Eating:

I don't like celery, though I will use it in soup, when it is called for in the recipe. I have to chop it very fine to trick myself into eating it. Even the smell is unbearable to me.

I'm not fond at all of peanut butter. The strange thing is, I like it in candy, but I wouldn't eat a peanut butter sandwich for $100.00. I just couldn't choke it down. Believe me, between my mom and my mother-in-law I've had plenty of opportunities to try and eat one to be polite. It just doesn't happen.

And raisins? Just the thought of those sinister looking, little dried fruits makes me shudder! (And yes, if they are in a cinnamon roll, I do pick them out, like a little kid. I just can't make myself eat them.)

So, my nightmare food would pretty much be ants on a log.


Lacey said...

Wow, to think that one little kid delicacy would be your culinary nightmare... impressive! Though I'm not fond of raisins either... yuck. :-P

rip said...

I am with you on the celery and raisin ickiness. I pick raisins out of my trail mix. It drives my husband crazy!

The Gathering Place said...

I don't love raisins, but I can eat them. One time while in college my cousin made our grandma's famous rice pudding and not one of us ate the raisins. We all insulted her by leaving little piles of raisins in our bowls. I would probably eat them now, but I think it is an aquired taste for me. (I can quickly gobble chocolate covered raisins, however.!)