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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Headache, Etc.

Oh boy, does my head hurt!

They refinished the floor AGAIN in our church's cultural hall. I don't know why they feel like it must be done every year, but they do. Today I had to be there for all three parts of church or I would have skipped out on some of it. I did go sit in my car and read the Relief Society lesson by myself at the end though, because I could feel my I.Q. dropping by the minute from all the toxic fumes. And I do need all the healthy brain cells I can keep to handle my crazy life right now.

This week I have: registration for both girls on two different days, lunch with some fun friends that I worked with 20 years ago, a dentist appointment to get a very old, very big filling re-done, an appointment with Morgan's school counselor to totally overhaul her schedule, an Activity Day daddy-daughter party to finish planning, gather supplies for, decorate for and throw, two birthday parties to plan, and throw - one is a slumber party, bake yet another cake for a missionary report back, an orthodontist appointment, a trip to the laundromat to wash two sleeping bags (don't ask), dinner to take to my sister-in-law, getting the house in order for a family party that will be here, etc. etc. And that's just what all I can remember. I'm too scared to look at the calendar to see what else I've forgotten. We were also hoping to fit in another day at Bear Lake since we've only made it there once this year so far. I think that one's going to have to wait.

We've officially entered what I lovingly like to call "Birthday Month". Ally's birthday was yesterday, Austin's is Sunday and Morgan's is the next Saturday. I keep telling myself that when they are all grown up it will be a good thing. We'll have one big family dinner and call it good. These days it about kills me.

For Ally's birthday I took her on her 12 year old trip. We went to New York City and just got back late Friday night. Hopefully she or I will write more on that later. My head hurts too much to think about it right now.

I keep thinking about a conversation that happened a few Sundays ago. It happened during our "Good News Minute" in Relief Society.

R. S. President: "Any good news today?"

Me, raising my hand: "Yes, one of my brothers and my favorite sister-in-law are going to be building a house in our ward." (Can you see where there might be a problem with what I said?)

R. S. Pres.: "Oh, is it the one I know? Jennifer? The one that grew up by me?"

Me (a little too emphatically): "No." Then as an afterthought, "Her name is Kim." (Forgetting that I have two sisters-in-law named Kim.)

Another girl, turning around and smiling: "Oh, I know Kim!"

Me: "No, it's the other Kim. I have two Kims in the family."

Someone else: "Is it the one that lives in Boise?"

Me, feeling pretty stupid by now: "No, not that one either."

Finally at the end of the meeting, someone else came up to me and said, "Is it Tanner's mom?"

Me, feeling very relieved: "Yes, that's the one."

So somehow in trying to say something nice, so the women would know how excited I was, I inadvertently insulted all my other sisters-in-law. I really do like *most* of my sisters-in-law. It kind of didn't sound that way though, with the way the conversation went.

Here's another sign that I should just keep my mouth shut all the time:

I woke up early last Sunday. Hal was already gone to meetings and the kids were all still sleeping. I walked into the kitchen and, for some reason, looked out the screen door onto the deck. Hovering there in mid-air was a little hummingbird. He (or she) and I were just mesmerized by each other. We must have both stood still for a full 30 seconds just studying each other. I just felt so happy!

Then I said, "Hello." softly and the hummingbird took off. I felt so sad for ruining such a nice moment.

I'm already planning what flowers to plant next year to lure the little guy back.

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Katie said...

Holy cow you have a crazy week! I hope it goes well for you!

You make me laugh so hard! No, I have not eloped ;-) nor do I know any cute boys with the last name of O'Conner, but if I meet one that would be cool! I will make sure you know long before I get married!