Perpetual Plan B

Friday, August 28, 2009

Dear Blog.....

Hello Blog.
I've missed you.
I have so much to tell you when I get a minute. I even have pictures to show you.
I've been busy taking care of one very busy husband and these three rambunctious characters:

We've had a fun summer but now it's time for me to clean up a few things (actually a lot of things) in the house before I go nuts!
Hope to see you again soon and spend some quality time.
Love, Holly


Katie said...

I love your kids! They are so cute! I saw austin the other day at recess. He looked like he was doing well. How is he liking school?

Katie said...

I like all dark chocolate, but my personal favorite to snack on is Hershey Dark Chocolate Kisses. They are affordable, and since 9 is a serving I feel like I get to eat alot! I usually throw three in with my lunch and it is enough to satisfy my sweet tooth.

The little Dove Dark Chocolates, or Hershey's Bliss have a smoother texture than the kisses, but the price is higher, and you don't get as many in a bag.

Also, if you can find the BIG hershey's special dark bars on sale (for a dollar) then it is a good deal. My problem with those is that I can eat the whole thing. YUM!