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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Guest Blogger: Morgan

Hello, everybody, this is Morgan Fronk, your guest blogger and humble correspondent from the Fronk residence. Today's topic is Harry Potter.

Austin is as obsessed with Harry Potter as Grandma Gail is with Twilight and "Robert". (See post on Thursday, May 14, for more on this subject.) Austin plays Harry Potter, watches Harry Potter, draws Harry Potter, has me read Harry Potter to him, and practically lives on Harry Potter.

A while ago, after reading some Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, Austin asked if he could watch the movie. We (Ally and I) put it on downstairs for him and decided to stick around as neither of us had seen the movie for quite a while. Austin loved it. This was, I think, the first time he had seen that particular HP movie and he loved pointing stuff out that he remembered from the book.

When Harry, Ron, Hermione, and the rest of the first years have their first flying lesson, Neville manages to injure himself and is taken to the hospital wing. Malfoy picks up Neville's dropped Remembrall and says, "Maybe if that fat lump had given this a squeeze, he'd have remembered to fall on his fat arse."*

I turned to Ally. "Did he just swear?"

She wasn't sure, so we rewound it to check. Sure enough, Malfoy had sworn. Ally and I were in a state of shock for the duration of the movie.

I forgot about it until Austin, a few days later, was quietly playing Harry Potter by himself in my room. Suddenly he looked up.

"I know what Malfoy said in the movie," he said brightly. "When Neville fell off the broom."

" do?" I asked warily.

Putting on his best British accent (which is really quite good for a four-year-old), he said, "Maybe if he'd squeezed this, little fat owls would have come out."

Feeling highly relieved, I replied, "Why, that's exactly what he said, Austin! Good job!"

I even managed to add this memorable line into the Harry Potter book when we reached the flying lesson.

"That was from the movie!" Austin said excitedly. (He has a very good memory for what was and what wasn't in the movie and is very critical when one or the other leaves something out.)

"It sure was, Austin," I said, returning to the book.

*Just for the record, Mom and I had a lengthy discussion on the most tactful way to post this last word. We came up with nothing. So if you are offended, I'm sorry, and if you have any ideas, do share.


Lacey said...

Whew! Saved by Austin's awesome understanding of what the words really should have been in the movie. :) Fun post. And I love that Austin loves Harry Potter so much. He and Katie (my sister) should get along really well.

Katie said...

Hahahah . . . Morgan, you may need to start your own blog! Such a fun story! Loved it!