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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Trying To Make Scripture Reading Fun For The Whole Family, Idea #532

So, once again it was time to read scriptures and, once again, there was weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth (and the kids weren't so thrilled either).

Anyway, since Austin is so obsessed with Harry Potter (he still sleeps with the wand he got for Christmas every single night), to make it fun for him we (I) decided that we should all read with British accents, like Harry Potter characters. I'm not sure where the idea came from, possibly sheer desperation.

Some of us were specific characters. I started out as Ron Weasley, my personal favorite, though I didn't do a great job. The kids made fun of the way my voice got higher in parts. They dubbed it "Ron Weasley, going through puberty". Not a very flattering description, is it?

Next came Morgan and she does have the accent down pretty well. Austin, of course, was Harry Potter and he was happy to read, which almost never happens. He also does a pretty mean British accent, I must say. It must be all that practicing he does on an almost daily basis. It is pretty cute.

Ally was next and surprised us by saying she was going to be Dumbledore. What surprised us even more was the sounds that came out of that girl's mouth. I couldn't quite place it, but then I figured it out. I swear she sounded just like Marlon Brando in The Godfather. I have never seen Hal laugh so hard while reading scriptures. Usually he is just giving most of the rest of us disgusted looks. She kind of ended up sounding a little more like Marge Simpson toward the end, but at least she was enjoying herself.

Hal was up next and the kids tried to talk him into doing Dobby, but he politely declined. I think he and I had the worst accents by far. But, if it keeps the kids entertained and somewhat interested then I'm all for it.

We talked about who else we could do. Looney Tunes looks like it might be up next.

Also in the future: reading scriptures like Lady Gaga (a' la Poker Face). Try it, it actually seems to work. What doesn't seem to work at all is Bon Jovi music. You can not, no matter how hard you try, read scriptures to the tune of Livin' On A Prayer.

Aren't you glad we try out all these ideas so your family doesn't have to?

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