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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Thanks for Nothing

So, as previously mentioned (a lot), I have been working very hard to get this place ready to put on the market. I have already shown it once to the brother-in-law of one of my neighbors who literally showed up at my doorstep as I was walking in the door from church on Sunday. That is another whole story in itself. (He needed to see it right then, as they were leaving to go back to American Fork and had just been waiting around for me to get home so he could see it. Thankfully, I had cleaned up most everything on Saturday and made Ally clean up the kids' bathroom right before we left for church, which I have never done before. The kids had also all cleaned their rooms on Saturday. Whew! It was nice to get that first showing over with because he was really nice and complimentary and didn't look at anything too closely.)

So, anyway, I have really been working hard to get rid of all the piles of clutter that have had no place to go since I lost my storage room when Austin was born. I've been able to move all the extra stuff into the storage room of our new house, which has been nice. I love living like this. I never, ever want to live with clutter again.

Apparently not everyone has appreciated my efforts.

Since Austin has been camped out in our bedroom for the last few years, (one of the big reasons for our move, hopefully he'll sleep in his own bed once he has his bedroom right next to ours) he has had a lot of stuff floating around our room, toys, clothes, blankets, etc. We've also had lots of piles of books and magazines, as Hal and I are both avid readers, though our time is pretty limited these days. So, all the things we are hoping to read get tossed on nightstands, on the floor by the bed, on the table by the couch, you get the idea.

So, my point is, I've slowly gotten rid of each and every pile. Our house is now 99 percent staged, with just a couple of piles left in the kitchen and two boxes left under the pool table that need to be taken care of. It looks much, much (much) better.

Austin walked into my bedroom today and looked around and said, "Boy, it looks kind of bare in here now that you've gotten rid of all the extra stuff. The only pile I see in here is that stuff on the top of dad's dresser. It doesn't look cozy like it used to."

Gee, Austin, you're welcome.


The Gathering Place said...

I guess our "clutter" is all about the things we love! Good luck selling your house. I can't imagine having to live in a constantly clean house!

Katie said...

Haha . . .I remember thinking that our house always looked so bare when we were getting ready to sell.

When are you planning on moving?