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Friday, March 19, 2010

Favorite Photo Friday

This a photo of a favorite boy of mine.

He has some funny, quirky habits. One of them is the fact that he ALWAYS has on only one sock when he doesn't have shoes on. Always. No exceptions. The one thing we still haven't figured out is if it is the same foot that has the sock on it. I need to start taking photos of his feet and not his cute little face so I can see for sure. I keep trying to remember, and I know it is the right foot, but then I forget if it is the right foot that is always bare or has the sock on it. I need to start writing it down. (I'm sure it will be of ultimate interest years from now, whether it is the same foot or not.)

So, on to the photo.

Austin gets to use the school library now. His books always have a common theme, Halloween. It's still his very favorite thing, all year long. His favorite color? Orange, of course. (He wants an orange bedroom. I keep trying to put him off by saying it will clash with the green paint.)

Among the various Halloween themed books, a favorite started to emerge. It's called I'm Not Afraid Of This Haunted House by Laurie Friedman. The book started coming home more and more frequently last fall until it came home every single week. Then he discovered that the school had two copies of it and that he could check out BOTH copies. I tried to explain why this wasn't a good idea (other kids might want to check out this book, this way you only have one story from school to read instead of two, etc.). I even broke down and bought him his own copy of the book, which seemed to help him branch out to other new Halloween stories. For a while, anyway.

So, imagine my surprise (and dismay) when he came home from school today, once again, with both of the school's copies of this book. Here he is with both school copies AND his very own copy.

It really is a cute book for kids. You may want to consider checking it out and reading it for yourself. That is, if Austin hasn't hogged all the available copies.

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