Perpetual Plan B

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Oh, So Much To Tell.......

I have a secret.

There is something Hal and I have been working on night and day for the last couple of weeks. (At least I have been up all night, practically every night, thinking about things. He thinks about it when I talk to him about it, which is practically all the time when we get a minute together. I've tried really hard to not call him too much when he is working. Now I see where Ally gets her obsessive personality from.)

It isn't a sure thing yet so I can't give any details, but soon, I hope to let you in on everything. Then we'll have LOTS to talk about.

I am cautiously optimistic.


Katie said...

Dear Holly,

Let's talk (I am so curious right now, especially if it was I am thinking it might be) Also, let me know what your thoughts are about tomorrow night.


Lacey said...

My curiosity is peaked! Tell us your secret!!! We all know how to keep secrets on public blogs, right??? ;)

Linda said...
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