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Friday, January 8, 2010

Favorite Photo Friday

Here is a photo with one of my favorite families.

This is Hal's sister Jayne and her family. Jayne is the one with the big hair on the left, not to be confused with the one with the big hair on the right, which is me. Jayne's husband Paul is the guy in the back with the moustache and those are three of their four children. (Justin was born a few years later.) Hal's parents are in the middle. I especially love the look on Clayton's face. I don't think I was choking him but he doesn't really look too thrilled, does he?

I can't remember if this is before or after Hal and I moved to Texas but judging from the size of the kids, it is most likely before we moved. So, I think this was taken in either 1989 or 1990.

We've had a lot of fun with this family, including our rousing games of Trivial Pursuit with Jayne and Paul, which we have recently picked up again with a new player, my daughter Morgan.

I love this family a lot because they have one great quality that I like. They seem to actually like me.

Either that or they are really good at pretending.


The Gathering Place said...

Love the big hair. Bet I have some pictures that would beat yours! (I grew up in the 60's!)

The Gathering Place said...

That is really funny that we have so many of the same things in our homes. I guess we both have great taste! Thanks for the nice comments. I enjoy you, too.