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Thursday, January 28, 2010

More Vegas: The Photos

Oops, in my obsessiveness over what I hope to be able to talk about soon, I forgot to post the photos from our trip to Vegas with the kids.

I haven't been able to wrestle Hal's phone away from him long enough to download the photos he took so here's what we have so far:

(Most are pretty self-explanatory so I'll leave the commentary to a minimum. I'll try anyway. You know me.)

At the beginning of the day, all happy and smiling. Little do they know how much walking we will be doing on this trip.

Here is Austin, dreaming after he threw his coin in the fountain at Mandalay Bay and made his wish.

Waiting for the tram at the Luxor.

Walking across the street.

Loved the floors in the lobby of the Bellaggio. Could have done without the go-go dancers who were also in the lobby. If we ever do build a house, or I do a bathroom from scratch I'd LOVE to have a floor like this.

Austin made another wish in another fountain. Las Vegas is full of fountains, so it about broke me. A lady here insisted on taking our photo together. She kept hitting the off button instead of the one that takes the photo. I am actually holding Austin so every time the camera would shut off I'd put Austin down because it was the end of the day and I was TIRED. He is one heavy little boy.

Walking BACK across the street.

Caesar's Palace had this really cool fish tank in the Forum Shops. They had big manta rays and all sorts of tropical fish.

Here's a funny story. We walked past this display and I made some offhand comment to Morgan about the "insolent" models. Later, Ally said, "Did you see the girl who plays Hermione in that store window? We didn't notice her, but when we walked back we noticed that SHE was one of the insolent models. Here are my children doing their best insolent model poses:

The next day was Sunday and Hal's birthday. Here we are outside the Las Vegas LDS temple. The grounds were really beautiful.

(Notice how Ally is taller than Morgan)

Hangin' with the Blue Man Group, right after our big impulse purchase. The kids are happy because they finally got to eat again. It had been a long two hours since breakfast.

Austin was thrilled to finally get to see the ship at Treasure Island close-up.

A couple more insolent faces. (Morgan couldn't keep a straight face.)

The Wynn:

Loved the floors here too. This would work quite nicely in a bathroom for my girls.

I loved catching this moment with Hal and Ally while we were resting our legs outside the lobby by the waterfall. They were looking at something on his phone.

Morgan and Austin?


On our way through the Encore, we passed this picture of Garth. For a guy who has raked in the bucks he looks pretty insolent too.

We had probably walked two miles straight, just trying to find our way out of the Wynn/Encore. We happened upon a pretty quiet conference room area, so SOME of us took full advantage of it. I kept hoping nobody would show up and kick us out.

It had been another two hours, so we headed to the kids' favorite, Rain Forest Cafe' for Hal's birthday dinner. They had a magician that went from table to table working for tips and he was pretty phenomenal. That's probably the best value for anything we paid for in Vegas. Hal was not thrilled when they charged us $15.00 for his "surprise birthday dessert", a volcano. It was pretty tasty though.

Watch out Austin, insolent girls with snakes ahead.

I think this is inside the Venetian. After a while it all kind of starts to look the same.

I forgot one last thing. Look who stowed away inside my suitcase; David Archuleta! That guy just can not leave me alone. I might have to look into taking out a restraining order. So far he has only sat and grinned at me so I haven't felt too threatened.

The End.

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The Gathering Place said...

Looks like a fun vacation. I have NEVER been in Las Vegas (other than for gas stops)! Can you believe it!