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Friday, December 11, 2009

Nothing Says "Holiday Spirit" Like a New Pair of Rudolph Slippers

The kids and I went Christmas shopping Wednesday night.

The shopping ended up being more about the girls trying on a LOT of clothes. Ally has shot up this year and outgrown all her jeans. Austin was not pleased because it took quite a bit of time.

He was bored, so I let him sit in the back of the cart and hold a few things he wanted to look at.

Somehow we ended up coming home with a brand new pair of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer slippers, in an adult size medium. They were $10 and Austin begged and begged for them.

He wanted them so badly in fact, that he shucked off his own snow boots and left them in the aisle, something that I didn't figure out until we were in another section of the store.

Every time I take Austin shopping I vow never to take him again because it is so expensive. It would be cheaper to actually pay a babysitter and our house would have a lot less junk in it, even though I usually only let him buy one thing on any given shopping day. He is pretty good at deciding between two different things which one he wants most and then he will put the other thing back. Usually.

Anyway, back to the slippers, I caved because, even though they are so big (it's the smallest size they had, so I guess he will wear them for a few years), they are awfully cute. I'm kind of a sucker for big animal slippers. We still have the Balto slippers I bought for Morgan when she was 3 or 4 and going through that phase. (Anyone remember Balto?)

Tune in tomorrow for the REST of the story.

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Katie said...

How Cute!!! If you ever need a babysitter so you can go shopping, I can come watch Austin - he's a cutie!