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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Kindergarten Quotes (So Far)

Our little Austin started kindergarten a couple of weeks ago. Here are a few of the quoteable quotes so far:

As we waited outside the classroom for his turn to be evaluated by his teacher, I read to him from the stack of books that were there. I would read up to a certain point and then wait for him to fill in the blank with the appropriate rhyming word. He was surprisingly good at this.

Until we got to Hop on Pop.

I was on the page that said, "Dad is sad. Very, very sad. He had a _________ "

Austin looked puzzled for a second before he supplied the word, "wife".

Now should I take THAT personally?

(The answer is "bad day" in case you were wondering.)

The week before school started, Austin was concerned about starting school because there had been a mean girl in one of his preschool classes a couple of years ago. He didn't want this mean girl in his class.

I told him there was very little chance of that happening so he shouldn't worry about it.

Well, it happened. She WAS in his class. (He must have my kind of luck.)

I tried to explain to him that she was probably nice now.

He wasn't buying it.

I then tried to tell him that it was so long ago that he knew her that she probably wouldn't even recognize him this year.

The night before school started he came to me and said, "I know, maybe if I wear glasses and a wig (the girl) won't recognize me this year!"

We came to the conclusion that she IS nicer this year, but he still woke me up in the middle of the night last week and begged me to home school him for kindergarten. That is not a good sign. I told him we would do lots of chores AND homework and he hasn't mentioned it again.

And finally, the school is cracking down on weapons. No pretend (or real) weapons of any kind, not even anything that could be mistaken for any kind of weapon.

Well, of course Austin wanted to take his magic wand for show and tell (or whatever educational name they are calling it these days). He still thinks he is Harry Potter and has gone to school with a carefully drawn scar on his forehead, more than once so far. I didn't think taking the wand would be a good idea because it is, after all, long and pointy and could put out a kid's eye.

I tried to tell him gently that he probably shouldn't take it because he might get in trouble because it might be considered a kind of weapon.

He thought for a while before promising, "It's okay mom, I won't do any spells with it."


Katie said...

Oh my goodness - These stories are hilarious! Thank you for sharing them and making me laugh today!

Linda said...

I have missed your posts. This is great. Eric had some issues with a mean girl from preschool too. But lucky for him she wasn't in his school anymore. PHEW! I hope your mean girl is nice now. :)

The Gathering Place said...

I love the things children say. They have an honesty with an edge!