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Monday, September 21, 2009

The Family Photo

Here is a copy of what may possibly be the only professional family photo in existence with everyone in my family in it. It was taken around 1985.

It was taken a few months before my older brother, Russ, left for a mission to England. I think I was in 11th grade.

I'm the one wearing the dorky sailor dress. (A little trivia, I've always been partial to sailor dresses and have owned at least five different ones since high school. I also used to buy sailor dresses for my girls when they were little. Now that they are older, they refuse to wear sailor-looking clothes. I'm waiting patiently for granddaughters - maybe in about 10 years, I hope.)

We've had other family photos taken, but Brett hadn't been born yet in most of them. We did have another one since Brett was born but my dad didn't get home from chores in time to be in it (or maybe he forgot) so it is just of my mom and us kids.

I like this picture because we all look so clean-cut and happy. After this, most of my brothers grew their hair down way past their shoulders. That is another post for another day, but just to let you know, if any of my brothers had some extra cash lying around, I'm sure I'd try to use some of my old photos to blackmail them.

We've also had other photos taken since we've all grown up, but they have had various ex-sisters-in-law in them so we can't display them any more. This is a bummer because I really miss one of my ex-sisters-in-law and one of the other photos is actually a good picture of me. Oh well.

I keep trying to get a family photo with just my brothers and me (with or without my parents) and for some reason it just hasn't happened. I think they think it may end up on the internet or something. (Really now, only one of them is still in the Witness Protection Program as far as I know. I don't know what the big deal is!)

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