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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bad Paid for Photos

My daughter Ally, who is in middle school, had her photo taken a couple of weeks ago. She said that the photographer told her friend to say "boys" when he took her picture.

This reminded me so much of the picture I had taken when I was in 3rd grade. The photographer said to me, "Do you like boys?"

At the time I already had four brothers and, though I had no way of knowing this at the time, there would even be another brother on the way a few years later, with no sister in sight. I was up to my ears in boys and not really loving the situation.

So my answer was an emphatic, "NO!!!"

Here is the result (and let's hope that her friend's picture turns out better than mine!) :

(Do you like the groovy shirt? I've never seen anything like it, before or since this photo - and probably for a good reason!)

Well, that's nothing compared to what my poor daughter will have to live with for the rest of her life.

When Ally was six weeks old I took her in to get her picture taken. They told me the camera was broken and I was very annoyed because we had an appointment and it is kind of a big ordeal to get a baby ready for a picture and also drag an older toddler along for the ride.

I made her another appointment for after her well checkup the next week. What I forgot to factor in was the fact that she would be getting shots. She bawled and screamed all the way to JC Penney. They took a couple of photos with her crying and then she promptly fell asleep. We couldn't wake her up for anything. Since they had to take six shots and had only taken two, they had to take four shots of her in the exact same pose, fast asleep. You'd think I'd just give up at that point and call one of those photos good, but not me. I am a picture fanatic when it comes to photos of my babies. I wanted to get one that would match her older sister's so I could put them in a frame together.

I made yet another appointment for a few days later.

We got the pictures taken and one in particular seemed like it might be just what I was hoping for.

Now this was back in the olden days before digital photography so you had to wait six weeks to even see what the photos were going to look like. You had to make another appointment to pick up your photos and then buy whatever you wanted from whatever they would happen to send.

I waited eagerly for the appointment so I could go view the photos of my little darling. I had scheduled one time to see both packets of photos because it was really hard to drag my two little girls out again and hope that they would both be good while I took my time deciding what I wanted to buy.

First they pulled out the crying/sleeping set. I viewed them somewhat quickly, waiting to get to the photos from the other sitting and just hoping against hope that the one shot I was thinking of would turn out. Finally they got to the shot. I smiled happily and breathed a sigh of relief. It would work in the frame and matched Morgan's photo quite well. I bought every single photo they had sent of that particular shot and kept exclaiming happily how much I loved it and it was just what I was hoping for. Looking back I think the girls who were working there must have wondered what kind of a freak I was.

I literally did not notice the problem until someone else pointed it out to me much later.

Here is the shot. Can you tell what is wrong with this picture?

(I'll give you a hint. My mom took a sharpie pen and refused to hang it on her wall until she blacked out the offending appendage.)


Katie said...

HOLY COW!!! When I saw your third grade picture I thought to myself "Austin looks like holly!". That is the funniest story!

I think the picture of Ally is hilarious!

Lacey said...

I never would have noticed that offending finger if you hadn't mentioned it... but since you did I'm sitting here laughing my head off! :) I know what you mean about being a picture fanatic and having to schedule around shots; we've had those same issues in the last year or so. I love your third grade picture, especially with the story behind the face. Priceless!

The Gathering Place said...

I love your school picture and I'll bet I have some equally strange or even worse outfits on in some of my school photos. Taking pictures used to be a huge hassle, now with digital cameras it is such a breeze!

Linda said...

Holly you should never ever ever stop blogging!!

CVH said...

She did not block out that finger! That is the greatest picture ever! I could see you doing that Holly. And the sleeping pictures? Check out Tracy Raver. Very in now.

The Conlins said...

I hardly ever leave comments on blogs, but I laughed so hard about the baby picture, I couldn't resist.