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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Notable Events this Sunday

Today Morgan got her Patriarchal blessing.

In our church when a person is ready (usually mid to late teen years or later), they go to the Stake Patriarch, who is set apart to give these special blessings. He literally acts as the mouthpiece of God. This generally only happens once in a person's life so it is a big deal.

These blessings are literally personal revelation and a sort of guideline for your life and a promise of the blessings a person can receive if they are faithful and obedient.

I was so amazed by how personalized Morgan's blessing was. This man had just met her for the first time and in the blessing he was talking about qualities Morgan had that he would have had no way of knowing. It truly was an affirmation that these blessings come directly from our Heavenly Father through this man, and not from the man himself.

It was quite an overwhelming and touching event to watch as a parent. I literally cried all my mascara off, which was not good because she got her blessing right before church and we had to go directly there after I picked up the younger kids.

The other item of note today is that as I was holding Austin during church and playing with his hair, I noticed that he was missing a chunk of hair right in the front. I asked him about it and he told me that while I was gone, Grandma took him to have Sister Wootton cut it.

We need to have that discussion about lying again, I guess.

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Nikie said...

Hey, Chiara got hers on Sunday, too and I had the exact same thoughts and feelings. How did our babies grow up so fast?!