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Friday, November 6, 2009

Favorite Photo Friday

In honor of our exciting trip coming up, I'm going to post two of my favorite vacation photos.

These are from my first ever trip to New York City, back in November of 1993. We went with our friends, Paul and Debbie Trette, who we were visiting in Boston and then we met up with Brian and Natalie Broadbent who were living in New York City at the time. They were great tour guides and we were able to see an amazing amount of things in just one day.

I don't think this first one with the Statue of Liberty is the best shot, but I have good memories when I see it.

This next one is probably my favorite vacation photo of all times. Again, since it was before 9/11, the Twin Towers were still in their full glory. To be honest, the reason I love this shot is a little more shallow. I love my hair in it. (You can click on the photo to get the full effect.) I think it's cool how it is blowing in the wind. This is the one and only time in my life that I've ever felt like a supermodel.

I think it's probably always windy on Liberty Island but it was also really COLD that day. We had to buy sweatshirts on Canal Street to stay warm.

This was the beginning of my love for this city. I think I've been there about seven times so far since then.

My unsolicited advice: Go in the spring or fall. It smells much better! (Summer is not the time to go.)

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