Perpetual Plan B

Monday, November 23, 2009

Jetttttt Laggggggg

Here's what I was doing a week ago:

Lounging on the balcony of our room, reading a magazine and enjoying the sunset with a nice hot cup of tea.

Today I am still in my pajamas trying to recover from being thrust back into the real world.

But boy, was it worth it!

(The kids are also trying to recover from our trip and all the sugared cereal grandma let them eat. They are suffering from withdrawals, even as we speak. I also got quite a shock when I saw Austin for the first time, because I forgot we had shaved his hair pretty short before our trip to make it easier to take care of. I was expecting to see my little mop headed boy, and instead he looks like a convicted felon. His head now looks about two sizes too small.)

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Katie said...

I am so extreamly green with envy! I want to hear details!