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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Preschool Chatter

The other day I was driving Austin and Kate Daines, the girl we carpool with, to school. Kate was telling us that her mom was putting water in bottles because their water was going to be off that day.

She then started listing all the other beverages in their fridge. Austin had just one question for her:

"Hey Kate, any alcohol?"

Upon further questioning, I found out that Austin had learned about the Word of Wisdom and that alcohol was bad for us, in church the day before.

Of course, the way he asked sounded like he was interested in trying some, so I was a little concerned about that.

That afternoon I was driving past our neighbors', the Saraivas', house and waved to their teenage son.

Austin plays with their daughter, Drianna, and had seen Derek before, so I was a little surprised when he said to me, "Do you even KNOW that guy?"

I'll have to be careful so I don't wave to real strangers in front of him, I guess.

The next time Austin went to preschool, he came home and asked me what a math geek was. I told him it was someone who was good at math.

I then asked him where he had heard the term (thinking it must have been from t.v.) and he said, "Connor called me that."

"Why did he call you that?", I asked, feeling so proud.

"Because I told him a math problem."

"Which one?"

"One plus two equals five."

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Lacey said...

I love stories like this. They just make me laugh and brighten my day. Oh, the things I have to look forward to... :)