Perpetual Plan B

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Morning Conversation:

Austin (on the toilet, after being in the bathroom quite a while): "Blistering blue barnacles!" (He has been reading a lot of Tintin with Hal lately.)

Me: "Austin, you need to eat better food. Are you having trouble going potty?"

Austin: "No."

Austin, a minute later, still in the bathroom: "Can I have some fruit?"

(A few weeks ago he said, "No, I'm not constipated. It's just that my poop is a little sleepy.)

Disclaimer: I never, ever said the word "poop" without visibly cringing until after my third child was born. Now it seems to be an everyday occurrence, which begs the question; Do our lives really get better or worse after having children?

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Linda said...

ha ha ha! I have had the same experience with the word poop. Never said it as a kid never liked it as an adult.. until I had kids.. poop!