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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Making Learning Fun

You know how we're supposed to be teaching our kids how to lead music? (At least in our church, we are strongly encouraged to do so.) Well, they always complain about it and make a huge fuss.

Tonight we found a great way to do this without the kids even knowing they were actually learning. Hopefully this is a skill that they might even use in the many, many (many) church-going years ahead of them.

Here's our secret:

Use non-church music.

We were all sitting in the backyard listening to the iPod at bedtime and the song Hooked on a Feeling by B.J. Thomas came on. It had kind of a good 4/4 beat to it so, without thinking, I started leading. This is a skill that I am just learning myself, since I'm not particularly musically inclined or talented.

From there we moved on to Hot Blooded by Foreigner and before I knew it, we were all sitting around the patio table leading music. It was actually quite fun. The kids even seemed to enjoy it. Next came Winning by Santana. It was a little slower, but still had a good beat. I think Hot Blooded was our favorite of the night. We tried really hard to find a song with a 3/4 beat but were unsuccessful.

We decided that next week in church we should have those be some of the songs for Sacrament meeting.

Can't you just hear it, "Brothers and Sisters, please turn in your hymn books to page 314 for Hooked on a Feeling and then after the service we will close by singing hymn number 224, Hot Blooded. The closing prayer will then be given by Sister Smith."

Do you think we'd have better attendance at Sacrament meeting?


Katie said...

Haha . . . you make me laugh! Leading music is such a good skill to have! I never thought much of it until I was in Brazil and had to lead ALL THE TIME!!! I ended up teaching most of my companions how. That is awesome that you are teaching your kids!

Did I really spoil Harry Potter for you? I'm so sorry! You should go (or read it) this one is my favorite!

Mark said...

Yes! ha but maybe not as much of the right kind of spirit. :)

Royce said...

That, and a whole slice of bread for the sacrament (instead of a piece)!