Perpetual Plan B

Friday, April 24, 2009

Something to Celebrate!


My iPod had been missing since last October. I have really, really missed it! In fact, if I would have had any extra discretionary income I would have replaced it long ago. But I toughed it out, even though I was pretty sure I would never see it again.

I've slowly been spring cleaning parts of my house that have been neglected for a long time and I found my iPod at the bottom of the magazine rack in the dining room. I have no idea how it ended up there but at this point it doesn't matter.

It's back and I am ready to rock out to MY music.

(I have to admit though, I've learned to like some of the kids' music in the months I was without my own. Now if I could just get that new All-American Rejects song out of my head - especially during church! I wondered why my girls were singing about "a man that's worth a ham" (and who would write a song with such a stupid lyric). Now I know they were just creatively editing it for my sake. And how dumb was I to not figure it out sooner?)

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