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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Austin's New Haircut and Subsequent Bad Behavior

Austin and I got haircuts last week. We go to my friend, Melissa Wootton. I take Austin in every three months, whether he needs it or not.

When we go in we cut his hair REALLY short so we only have to go through the ordeal four times a year because Austin is not fond of getting haircuts. I think the sound of the clippers scares him.

This time he started out being really good, much better than he usually is. He sat really still while I read Jungle Book to him. He didn't cry, even once.

That is until Melissa made the fatal mistake of showing him what he looked like in the mirror.

Usually he doesn't freak out until we get home and he sees what he looks like after he gets out of the tub. Then he gets mad for a while and then gets over it. This time he threw the fit at Melissa's house and it was not pretty.

First he screamed, "What? I look ugly! I hate this haircut!" Then he started hitting himself in the head.

Usually after a haircut he gets a treat. He did not get one this time. I'm really glad Melissa didn't give him one because he did not deserve it, he was so awful.

The whole time I was hurrying to try and write the check he kept getting right in Melissa's face and saying, "I hate this stupid haircut." and then hitting himself in the head again. He kept doing this over and over. It got to the point that I wanted to take over thumping him in the head, it was so embarrassing!

His parting shot as I was dragging him out of the house was, "I really want you to know that I hate this haircut. It's ugly."

I wonder what he REALLY thought about the haircut.

Well, we had some "words" in the car on the way home. Mine were said through gritted teeth. His were delivered along with more self-inflicted blows to the head.

When we got home I put him in the tub, and after a few minutes with his toys he said very sweetly, "Mom, do you think my preschool teacher will notice my new haircut tomorrow?"

The fit was now officially over.

So Melissa and I learned the hard way not to let him see himself until AFTER he gets home. Then he can have his little meltdown in private and not hurt Melissa's feelings.

Well, I couldn't let things go without trying to get him to apologize to Melissa. He wrote her a letter, complete with his signature stick men with swords and token alien. He gave it to Melissa at church and she was very gracious and even let him give her a big hug. Whew!

That night we also went to Tremonton to celebrate Grandma Fronk's 82nd birthday. Jayne and I both made cakes. I searched all over the internet to find a good Texas Cake recipe because I didn't love the one I had.

I finally decided to try The Pioneer Woman's Best Texas Sheet Cake Ever (or something like that). Anyway, it was really good.

The funny thing was that Jayne had also made a Texas Cake and from tasting them, (and I did taste them both, over and over) I think it was probably pretty close to the same exact recipe. I could have just asked Jayne for hers. But then I guess I wouldn't know that it was the recipe for THE best Texas Cake ever, now would I?

It seems like I always have to learn things the hard way.

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