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Monday, May 21, 2012

Worst Meal Plan EVER

So, I found out about 3 weeks ago that I am allergic to:  (wait for it....)

Wheat (all parts)


(So, pretty much milk)
Cottage Cheese
and other cheeses (Mozzarella, my favorite,  was the least reactive, but still enough that I should avoid it.)

(oh, and cranberries too.)

And eggs got a little bit of a reaction.

And I'm  probably allergic to a lot more things that I wasn't tested for.
(Like, I'm highly allergic to pigweed, which is related to quinoa.  So, does that mean I can't eat quinoa, which is supposed to be pretty low on the allergen scale?)

So basically, I'm on a dairy and gluten-free diet.


I've tried about every recipe I can find for  dairy and gluten free brownies.  Some are actually pretty tasty.  Some, not so much!  (Yes you, Black Bean Brownies!)  And, I've found some quite yummy store bought cookies.  ($5.00 for 9 cookies.  So yeah, I don't share!)

On the plus side:

I'm itching a TINY bit less.

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Tennille said...

I kinda just want to cry for you.