Perpetual Plan B

Sunday, August 26, 2012


So, we dropped Morgan off at BYU last Wednesday.

It was her 18th birthday, of all days.  Bummer for her and for us.

I have really been missing her.  I keep going around the house wondering where she is.

And then I remember, and that's when I reach for the cookies.

I had really cut down on the sweets the last few months, but boy  have I made up for it in the last couple of days.

Unfortunately, the cookies don't really make me feel any better, even though they are delicious.

That's how I know that I must love her more than I love  chocolate chip cookies.

(I told Morgan not to worry about the "freshman fifteen".  I think I'll probably be the one who will end up gaining it for her.)

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Katie said...

I've was actually thinking about you yesterday and wondering if Morgan had left yet! Let me know if you need an outing or something to take your mind off of it!