Perpetual Plan B

Monday, December 12, 2011

Let The Season Begin....

 Here are a couple photos from the Nativity scenes the kids at our church did for the Christmas party on Saturday.

Here is the cute little Joseph.   He looks kind of familiar, doesn't he?

Joseph, Mary and the donkey.

 A nice, quiet little Nativity. 

If only Christmas could go back to being that simple again.

Merry Christmas!


Katie said...

#1 - What does Mary have stuffed in her belly? So cute, I couldn't stop giggling!

#2 - I'm sorry it has been such a hard holiday season!

#3 - I think you should let me take you out to dinner or dessert for your birthday to relieve some of the stress, let me know!

Holly said...

1. Looks like a pillow from her couch.
2. Thank you!
3. Yes, PLEASE!

Katie said...

When would work for you, and what would you like to do, since it is YOUR birthday next week :-D

I'm excited to see you, I feel like it has been forever (probably because it has!)